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IMG_0054Sebastiaan Tan (27), an Amsterdam based athlete, will attempt to cross the English Channel somewhere between the 9th and 16th of August 2016 in just swimming shorts and a cap (no suit that enhances buoyancy or increases body temperature).

Currently Sebastiaan is training more than 20 hrs a week to prepare for the crossing. The crossing is 32km (due to wind and currents the actual swim is around 50km) long and will take around 18hrs to complete. The water temperature during the crossing is 16 degrees Celsius. Only 1 out of 8 people complete the crossing in only swimming shorts and a cap.

Sebastiaan would like to connect his courageous attempt to a good cause and has chosen Re-vest Life to raise money and awareness for the integration of refugees in Europe.

Although my crossing is controlled and from a completely different order, I feel connected to the people who try to reach Europe crossing the Mediterranean Sea and I like to dedicate my swim to that.

Buy your special orange ribbon today and support Sebastiaan in this enormous challenge or make a direct donation. 50% of the money raised will be donated to Re-vest Life the other 50% will support Sebastiaan in his expenses for making the swim.

Sebastiaan his biggest challenges so far were a marathon bear feet, a full Iron Man and a professional Muay Thai fight:

All my previous challenges added up are not half as challenging as my plan to swim the English Channel.

Interesting facts:IMG_0035
– Only 1 out of 8 people make it across the Channel
– More people made it to the top of the Mount Everest
– Water will be around 16 degrees and I will only were shorts and a cap
– Most people quit/are pulled out of the water because of hypothermia

Some training facts:
– I didn’t wear a jacket all winter long
– I take daily icebaths up to 30 minutes
– I swim at least 20 hours a week since january
– I have been sore in my upper body for the last 5 months