Our Story

Wear your piece of vest today

The life vests worn by refugees crossing the sea towards Europe have become a symbol for their journey to a new life. Together with newcomers and locals, Re-vest Life creates new products from and events ‘around’ the life vests. Through this process of creation, new relationships and opportunities emerge, contributing to a more inclusive society.

Only through the active engagement of European citizens, who ‘embrace’ the humanitarian challenges of the refugee crisis as an opportunity, do we transform our society. Only together can we create social inclusion.

Re-vest Life products are made in collaboration with Makers Unite and promoted at Re-vest Life events. Anyone is welcome to join our makers sessions or help making great events become reality.

All revenues from Re-vest Life products are re-vested in life. Re-vest Life supports local and Greek aid organizations and invests in new products made from life vests. Re-vest Life is a Dutch foundation, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

What is Re-vest Life?

Re-vest Life is a movement for social inclusion.

What does Re-vest Life do?

We connect people through the creative process

In collaboration with Makers Unite we make new products and art out of used life vests

We create public events to raise awareness about social inclusion


Because we believe making something together connects people and creates new opportunities

Because we believe a more inclusive society is better for everyone

Join our movement, wear your piece of vest today!


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