Who are you?

I am a photographer. I studied fine arts in Syria, focusing on photography and graphic design. Now I live in IJburg. I love to cook: my chicken kebab is famous.

What do you want to tell in your art?

I’ve always wanted to be a wild-life photographer for National Geographic. I’ve taken a lot of photos of animals in the Netherlands, but wildlife is a bit more limited here. I also make photos of the Dutch landscape, Dutch houses and clothing. Since my arrival in Amsterdam I’ve gotten in touch with the Dutch chapter of National Geographic and they’ve expressed interest, which was quite a thrill.

What is the message of your work in Fabric of Society?

I am an artist, and I’ve been a refugee. Through my art I’ve gotten involved in a lot of projects here, met a lot of people, which was very fortunate. But I am foremost an artist. I’ve had the refugee experience, but that is over now. I just want people to enjoy my work, so I can forget about that part of my life and move on.

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