Who are you?  
I’m Elisandra, 30 years old. I was born in Brazil and am living in Hilversum. 
What is your art?
I upcycle, mostly jewelry. I am a professional goldsmith. 
What inspires your art?
I rebel against the idea of things being old or useless. Nothing is useless. We live in such a consumerist society, I want to go against the grain by re-using and upcycling objects which have lost their value. By recombining them I give them new beauty. We don’t need new things, we just need to add a little love to give old objects a fresh shine. 
What is the message of your work for Fabric of Society?
I make jewelry out of life vests. The idea is to help people let go of a horrible time in their life. By taking the life vest apart and making it into something beautiful, the object takes new meaning. It doesn’t take away the pain and loss, but it creates emotional distance, turns it into a symbol and memory. I also hope it helps Dutch people become aware of situation of refugees. By wearing the jewelry, they literally carry their loss. 

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