Who are you?
I am a contemporary dancer. I live in Modena, Italy. I am in Amsterdam for one month to study dance and connect with the local dance scene.
What inspires your art?
My movements are born from daily activities, simple things like picking up a book. My dance is never pre-conceived, I react to the context, to what happens in that specific moment, with that audience, those dancers, that location.
What do you think about Amsterdam’s Fabric of Society?
Amsterdam does not feel monumental, like other capitals, there is a very human measure to it. It makes you feel at home.
What is the message of your performance for Fabric of Society?
As a dancer you communicate universal emotions. The piece will focus on desperation and anxiety and the transition to joy and curiosity one experiences when starting a new life. Of course, we all know these emotions, we constantly have to leave things behind, lose people close to us in order to start anew.
Marina Quassia, Pop-Up Performance
          Friday 10 June, 21h
          Saturday 11 June, 17h
          Sunday 12 June, 16h

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